Overlay characters


How do i change characters overlay??


@CHAR moves to layer #


wow that was fast
Thank you
I think i tried it before but it seems not working
Just asking is 0 would be front or back?


0 is all the way at the bottom (you can also add negatives but other than that 0 the bottom)


Oh thats way ,sorry but what do you mean negative?


-1 -2 -3, those would be lower then 0


Oh i didn’t know that negative numbers works too okey thank you that was helpful. :smile:


Tbh, it’s unstable so I wouldn’t use negatives.


I’d like to add something to the previous posts. If you place your characters in standard spots (screen center, upscreen right etc), “moves to layer #” will not help as layers are set somehow by default. There are only two ways to move character to the proper layer:
@CHAR spot 1.28 130 50 in zone # at layer #
@CHAR spot 1.28 160 0
@CHAR moves to layer #
Even if you place characters in standard spots, but need to change layer, you should set coordinates manually, e.g.
@CHAR spot 1.28 160 0 is the same as “screen center”
@CHAR spot 1.28 220 0 is the same as “upscreen right”


Oh wow the klast two example i didnt know that
Thank you


You’re welcome :slight_smile: I just had to struggle with this a couple of times before realized what the trick was :slight_smile:


Did these suggestions work for you @Ucorn?


The one i used they worked very well, but dunno about the other


Ok! Just checking this question got resolved for you :slight_smile: Closing thread :v:t2: