Overlay coding tips?

Does anybody know the coding for overlays? I’ve been trying to figure it out for the past hour but I’m getting nowhere :sweat_smile: I’ve looked at videos and scripts but whenever I use them in my story it doesn’t work.

Can you post what/how you’re coding them in your script? This way we can see what you’re doing wrong and show you how to do it correctly.

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I created my own overlay, which I think is the problem. I went off of episodes scripting which is:
@overlay OVERLAY1 shifts to 80 240 in 1.0
@overlay OVERLAY1 shifts to 80 300 in 1.0
@overlay OVERLAY1 shifts to 140 240 in 1.0

I tried shift words onto the screen, however it wouldn’t work.

What isn’t working? Can you see the overlay? Is the overlay not moving?

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Did you add the overlay to the scene first? And is the opacity at 1?

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The overlay is much larger than what I wanted and isn’t placed on the actual screen.

Yes I did

Did you try to change the scale and shifts for it?
Or put @overlay OVERLAY1 opacity 100%

Are you using the background INT. BLACK - DAY/NIGHT? Overlays do not work well with this specific background so you should use a different background.

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I’m using my own background. The overlay I made is just words. I was planning to shift the words onto the screen but I can only see one letter since it’s zoomed in. But no matter what I tried it wouldn’t change.

Can you show a picture of what it looks like?

Show Helpers

Spot directing

Change overlay

Move it around where it appears.


@overlay OVERLAY1 create
@overlay OVERLAY1 opacity 100%

And plug in the shifts and scales once you’ve got it in a spot you like.

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Thank you so much! I just tried it and it worked :grinning:

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You’re welcome! :heart:

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