Overlay Command Coding/Placement

Hi! I need help with my overlay placement, I’ve written the commands/codes for the placement in the script but I’m having a few warnings.

One of the codes says shifts to, and the warning says I need to specify the shift to for my overlay animation. After shifts to in the code, the numbers -74 -6 are there, is there something wrong with the coding I placed in?

How do I write the placement and fix the warning?

Can you upload a screenshot of your script?

Also, here’s a thread that might help if you haven’t checked it out yet.


I am unable to send the picture it’s not working on my phone sorry, and thanks I’ll check it out!

Can you copy paste your script so we can see if we can spot any errors?

I have fixed my problem, but thanks for replying!

Oh alright, I’m happy it worked out!