Overlay Create Request!

This might be a long shot, I’ve been looking through the forums for art shops or artists and haven’t found someone who can create what I specifically want :sweat_smile:

I really want this photo as an overlay without the black background and I want it to say “Gemini Heathens” with the word “Heathens” edited in across the bottom.

Even if you just outline the skull design without all those little star/ diamonds details and colour it white? If anyone can give it a go for me or can suggest art shops that are currently taking requests like this I’d really appreciate it! Also if anyone knows where I can find “Hideout” or “Underground” backgrounds please let me know!!


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You can ask @epy.oceanblue! They have all reqyests open! Since im in the group ask @epi.kit_kat, @epy.cheifangel on ig for details

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So @Episode.Flo what do ya think?

It’s unfortunately a lot harder than it looks like…I was only able to do it like this, it’s absolutely fine if it’s not how you want it to be!
Unfortunately, I don’t have the same font for the “Heathens” :confused:

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Thank you so much! I’ve managed to find a solution myself for this. I appreciate your help :blush:

I appreciate your effort thank you! To be honest this looks quite cool the way it turned out :blush:

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