Overlay creator please

Hello everyone I am in need of an overlay that looks like a bank statement can anyone make that? also does anyone make covers? my cover is pretty basic

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What do you mean “looks like a blank statement” like a piece of paper ol?

Yes a piece of paper that has a person’s name and bank account info on it

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Hi, I do overlays :smiley: You can also check my shop for examples

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I can do your cover. Is it LL or Ink? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Lime light

Okay, could you fill this form out so I could get started? :grin:

Small or large cover:
Character details and outfit:
Reference pose:
Background: (if you have one)
Extras (font, tips, etc):

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Title: Blind Hate
Author: Ty
Cover: Large cover
Character details: Characters arms folded facing away from each other, angry faces

Female soft body, copper 3, high arch angled ( brow) color dark brown long feathered (hair) color brown black deepset downturned (eyes) color hazel Triangle defined (face) round button (nose) full wide (lips) color red matte
Thin Silver Hoop Earring
Pull Tab Yellow Stitched Rubber Heel Boot Matte Leather Black…
Beauty Mark Mole Upper Lip R Brown
Short Cropped Shirt Cotton Grey White
Padded Moto Jacket Leather Black
Bow Sleep Shorts Cotton Blue Cerulean

Male athletic body neutral 3 arched medium (bow) black dark medium side curls jet black ( hair )narrow almond deep smiling brown black (eyes) chiseled square stubble shaved (face) straight flat (nose) full lower lip sharp color pink peach medium matte
Tight Basic Tank Cotton Complex Color (Grey Black)
Full Body Tribal Skull Lace Ink Black
Large Studs Plastic Grey Black
Untied Combat Boots Leather Black Neutral
Casual Jeans Denim Black

Mood would be then snarking at each other they have a love hate thing going on
the background could be new York city or like a photoshoot like setting
I also like to have in the title blind Date but with an red H covering the letter D

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Here’s your cover @Tyedye. :hugs: You can credit me @granolias.episode.


OMG!!! I freaking love this sooooooo muccch !!! thank you

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I think I meant I wanted a small cover can u tell me the dimensions I can use to make it a small cover ?