Overlay credit help


Anyone know who’s Instagram the overlays belong to that aren’t crossed?

Sorry there are so many overlays, but I want to make sure I credit the right person on instagram as some folders don’t say the person’s IG


I think a lot of those are from alexa_episode. I would check her files and check off the ones from her and then try to narrow down the rest.


I resaving them as found some belong to episode.vault but I try to figure out rest :joy: Going to take a while


I think some of your food is from tw.episode :slight_smile:
Like the breakfast and the milkshake.


Okay thanks :slight_smile:
I got some overlays but the ig name isn’t the same it used to be SECRETDESTINYXX so no clue


the tears and bruises are from online - free for use. No Credit.


The black eye is on Tower White’s drive too. For all I know, someone else has the same overlays on their drive ahhaha but she has quite a few of the ones that you have. :woman_shrugging:

(I also highly recommend her drive. There’s a lot of awesome backgrounds and overlays on there!)


Oh okay so the single tear and two tears and purple bruise doesn’t need any credit?




Yeah, I looking on her drive now and saw some backgrounds I got are from tw.episode


Oh okay good, thank you :slight_smile:


The hand overlays are I believe episode.uwe’s.


I think you are right :slight_smile: thanks


Hey Jo anyway you could upload the baby bottle overlay onto the thread so I can save it? I can not find a baby bottle overlay anywhere


I may do but I upload it on here if I find out where it’s from


Its off secretdestinyxx’s google drive on IG @kheira240


Does anyone have an overlay for a bar counter.


Show what background of bar looks like




I found one off episode.uwe’s instagram so give credit to them :slight_smile:
Just click their link in bio and you should find it