Overlay cup animation

Can anyone tell me the donacode for moving a cup in “drink” animation .

Can you explain more on what exactly you’re trying to do?

yeah sure , here’s an example :-

A character is drinking by using the animation “drink” and i want to use an overlay for example a cup ,
so I just want the character’s animation and overlay to move together .

I want to make the character drink from an overlay cup , so I want it to move together .

So what will be the donacode for that ?

If you want an overlay that you uploaded to move with the motion of drink you’d have to code it something like :

@/&CHAR starts sip_cup_animation / sip_stemware_animation and overlay DRINK shifts to # # in # (# = halfway point between hand and mouth to “drink”) and pause for #.1 THEN overlay DRINK rotates # anchor point # # and overlay DRINK shifts to # # in # and pause for # THEN overlay DRINK shifts to # # (original spot “in” the hand of the character).

  • bolded the breaks between each code part to point out where the #s would go.
    and time the # of seconds to the animation total time (like if the animation takes 1.5 seconds to complete start to finish, you’d use the two in #'s to equal the 1.5 seconds)

. It’s hard to time it out so that it looks the exact same as when they use the Episode Prop cup/flute/tumbler but you’ll get close to the same up and turn motion of the props.

tbh it might be easier to just use a prop cup and either add what’s in the cup to the story (ei: thought bubble “this mimosa is just what I needed today!”) or a readerMessage CHAR drinks mimosa.

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hey thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I tried to explain it as best I could. Basically it’s just a matter of using ‘shift to # # in #’ and rotates # anchor point # # in #’ and just placing them where you want them.

Oh, and sometimes the overlay code for rotating gets weird to rotate it back to the original position use the negative of whatever number you use (and vice versa) in the previewer and make sure to test in app before publishing. Code can get a little funny between the two. :slight_smile: Good luck :slight_smile:

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It helped me a lot ! thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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