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Anyone know how to have a blossom Branch move as if the winds blowing it because when I do it itโ€™s rotates in a circle and falls into The characters hand as if she done a magic trickโ€ฆI want it to like sway back and forth

First create the overlay, then use the infinite loop command on rotation.
Use similar commands like in my example, and it will be okay. Just rewrite the values I specified. In the first part of the rotation, add a positive number, and in the second part, a negative (or first a negative, then a positive, itโ€™s up to you). And this part must be written in a new line.

&overlay SCARY TREE SHADOW create AND overlay SCARY TREE SHADOW shifts to 100 100 in zone 1 in 0 AND overlay SCARY TREE SHADOW scales to 0.298 0.298 in 0 AND overlay SCARY TREE SHADOW opacity 1
&overlay SCARY TREE SHADOW rotates 5 anchor point 0 0 in 2 THEN overlay SCARY TREE SHADOW rotates -5 anchor point 0 0 in 2 loop INFINITE times

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@Jeremy or @Sydney_H please close this thread. My question was answered :hugs:

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You got it @xetic :smiley: :lock: