Overlay disapears help please

Im having trouble with my overlay it was there one minute and then when I went back to edit something I was previewing it my overlay is gone

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could you post a photo of your script?

That happened to me as well! I just deleted all the directing I had for the overlays that would not show up, even the ones that did show up, and redid it. It was tedious, but it worked for me. Maybe try deleting “@overlay insert name create” and “@overlay insert name opacity 1” and rewriting it, then preview your story again. I hope it works out!

@SKY moves to layer 0
&overlay BLACK RIGHT scales to 0.931 0.931
&overlay BLACK RIGHT shifts to 121 118
&overlay BLACK RIGHT opacity 1 in 0
&overlay BLACK RIGHT moves to layer 1
@overlay BLACK RIGHT shifts to -91 80 in zone 2 in 2
@CHARLIE is react_scream_horror
@SKY is react_startled_surprised AND SKY is react_terrified_pose
@pause for a beat

i can’t see ur coding for creating the overlay. maybe thats the problem? After @SKY, try adding @overlay “name” create

when I add that I keep getting the error sign

what does the error say?

it doesn’t exist. even though I got it to show up before

try double checking the spelling of ur overlay with whats in ur gallery

thank you my wolf showed up again. It need the &overlay create the reason for the error was being my overlay hasn’t been approved yet

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