Overlay diva curls?

Does someone have a png picture of the diva curls in black? If not, does someone know how I can make one?

I thought there’s already a hairstyle like that? You can change the colour.

Yes, I know :slight_smile: But I meant an overlay of the hair style so I can use it as a “wig” in my story that can move around etc…

Maybe I can turn it into an overlay if u can send me a pic of it


This hair style I mean :slight_smile: Are you able to make it in png form? Which means a transparant background? x

Yes Ik. I can turn it into an overlay aka png.
Should I use the pic you just sent me?

If you can, you’d be my hero! Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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Gimme a few minutes

Sorry the internet was slow

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Wow that was so fast! Thank you so so much! :slight_smile:

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It’s not in png.

You should create a document and send the link here.

I already took care of it, I used a website to make it png. Thanks though! :slight_smile:

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