Overlay doesn't appear right away when my scene starts

Hi so I’ve made an overlay and when my scene starts the overlay is not here for about 1 second ? (It’s not tragic but I still want my scene to be perfect) And then the overlay appears. Capture
Thanks if you can help me with that (and if not thank you for your time :blush: )

Scales to 0.466 0.466 in 0
Shifts to #cordinates in 0

Add that to your commands :blush:

that is because you creat it when you do that it will have a seconds delay. instead add it to the background


INT. DADS HOUSE RUIN with FLOWER to 0.528 -6 272

You can do that too but sometimes you need to use the create command so in those cases you just need to add ‘in 0’ as in 0 seconds at the end of the scale and shift command :blush:

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yes but that is when you need it to show up later in the story. dont use creat when you need it at the start because it will have a second delay. even if you do that, though that you cant see in the portal only on the phone

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Really? I’ve never had that issue
I use mostly the create command its just easier for me that way and I don’t have any delays unless I want to for a specific effect!
It depends how you use it I guess!
The second delay is the default thats why you put ‘in 0’ at the end if you want it to be at the start!
Also you can play with using @ or & just like placing characters

mine always have that delay.

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Try adding the in 0 at the end of the shift and scale and use & instead of @.
I use to have that same problem until someone introduced me to that command :rofl: changed my life completely lol

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Thank you all for your replies, i’m going to try that right now !

Let me know if it works :slight_smile:

I just tried both the “0” thing and the background. The “in 0” technique worked at first but now I have no idea why it doesn’t want to work anymore, and the background thing just gave me an error. I’ll try to figure it out, might be because my phone is low and a bit laggy that the delay is still here even tho it worked perfectly fine few minutes ago !

Trying changing the @ to an &.
&overlay HI create
&overlay HI opacity 1 in 0
&overlay HI shifts to 98 69
&overlay HI scales to 1.0 1.0

I just did and unfortunately it doesn’t want to work ): !

Maybe place a transition after the overlays?
@transition fade in black
And a transition before the bg
@transition fade out black

Can you post another screenshot of your script when you added “in 0” to the commands because this should work.

Sure here it is Capture2

(But i also did the other “In 0” to shifts and scales)

Try adding it with the background instead then

EXT. ST ANDREWS HIGH SCHOOL - DAY with EXT.RIGHT1 to 0.446 284 -1 in zone 1 at layer 8

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This one seems to work thank you so much !

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