Overlay Edit - Help


Hello! You may have seen me around the forums. I know I’ve been somewhat annoying with asking people for help with backgrounds and overlays, But I swear! This will be the last one… I think.

ANYWAYS, If anyone one is able to change this overlay:

into looking more bright and modern. Preferably white, then please comment below or PM me! It would be much appreciated. I will definitely credit you :smiley:


Hey sweetie! I would love to help you with this overlay/background if I knew what it was :sweat_smile:. I’ve been staring at it for quite a while now but I still can’t figure out what it’s supposed to be. If you tell me a bit more about what you’re looking for I would love to help you.


Thank you so much for considering this! This is an overlay I plan to put in front of a kitchen to make it seem like a food collecting place for prison inmates :smiley: I’m looking for this to be polished up a lot more, e.g make it look bright, instead of the walls being a dull great, make it write, get rid of the scratching on the door, and if it’s edited, I’ll put a thing in the gap in between the door and the jail bars saying FOOD COLLECTION (with and arrow) :blush:


This is the only think i can do :sweat:
I don’t know if it helped you…


Thank you so much for helping! Although, this isn’t quite what I’m looking for! I appreciate your effort :smiley: :kissing_closed_eyes:


Here what I made. Are these ok? I changed the door because changing its color got messy. Hope that;'s ok. I hope you like it. If you decide to use this, do credit me. :slight_smile:




Oh my god! I love it so much! Thank you so so so so much! I think I’m gonna use these! I’ll definitely credit you, again, thank you so so much :slight_smile::two_hearts:


By any chance, is it possible that you could make them both to fit the size of 1920x1136? So for so much fussing, I’m so grateful for your work! @Ni_shee


I’ll get to it right away :slight_smile:


Here you go. Do check the picture format when you download this. I made overlays for other users in PNG but when I uploaded it, it got converted to JPG. If the same happens, I will mail these to you.


I think it got changed into JPG again. I can’t understand why this happens. Give me email id so I can send these to you.


I can change the photo to the right size if you would like.


Yeah! You can resize and re upload it. When I upload it, it gets changed into JPG I don’t why. The ones in the upper comment are in PNG. Those are the ones to be resized.


The ones with the door closed open and close?


Both :slight_smile:


Here are your resized backgrounds @author.y.w


Those are again JPGs. Let it be. I’ll mail her the overlays. Thanks for helping :slight_smile:

@author.y.w leave your email id so that I can mail you.


@NightSkye and @Ni_shee Thank you both so so much! You guys are both legends! I’ll be sure to credit you both in my story! Thank you for the help, I’m so grateful :kissing_heart:

And @Ni_shee my email is yoojayweir04@gmail.com :smiley:


Mailed you. Check if it is in PNG or not.


They’re both PNG’s thank you so much for your help! :kissing:

@NightSkye and @Ni_shee How would you like me to credit you? On Instagram or your forum name?