Overlay Error - not found?

So, I uploaded an overlay, it was approved, and now when I try to use it it says that it doesn’t exist. I’ve spelled it right, I tried to copy and paste it and it gives the same results telling me it doesn’t exist or I need to reupload it. It was JUST approved last night, so why would I need to reupload it??

Have you tried to refresh the page?

Maybe you could put it to uploaded again…

Can you post your script? Maybe error is somewhere else? :thinking:

Take a screenshot of the script, maybe it was just a minor error.

I did finally get the overlay to.work… o have no idea what I did to change it, but all of a sudden it worked :woman_shrugging:t3:
But now I’m having an issue where I’ve told my characters to move layers at the beginning of the story before narration starts and they havent moved. After I introduce the MC and her BFF I have it pan to zone 2 to introduce the love interest and all of a sudden he pops out from behind the overlay. :woman_facepalming:

Do you have any commands for the love interest just before or just after you pan to zone 2? If you’re using screen positions (screen center, screen left etc) sometimes if you are putting a command for the character they can move layers.
&CHAR stands screen center in zone 2 AND CHAR faces left AND CHAR starts animation AND CHAR moves to layer 1
@overlay OVERLAY moves to layer 2
MC & BFF intro
@pan to zone 2

I have it saved at the very beginning…

Oh sorry… I didnt get the very beggining… .but that just has the overlay there… should I layer the overlay at the beginning as well?

@overlay CAFE_DESK moves to layer 0

I’m assuming you want the Barista and Jackson behind it and the other two in front?

The pan to zone 2 will have Jackson ordering from the Barista, so only the Barista should be behind.
Currently when I pan to zone 2 Jackson is initially behind the overlay then he pops on top when the pan is done. Jackson orders his drink pans back.to zone 1 for Briley and Tessie to talk I then have Briley walk (and follow) to Jackson to talk. :confused:

Strange! Put him at layer 1 and the counter at layer 0 the others are all fine. As long as Jackson is a layer higher than the counter you shouldn’t have any issues as you’re using spot numbers rather than screen positions.

I’ll try that… but I’m trying to find a good table overlay for my scene with Briley and Tessie… since they’re sitting in a coffee shop… lol oiy!
I’ve still got a long way to go until I can publish my first story!

@amepisode … check her google drive for some awesome overlays :grin: and backgrounds too :wink:
Amanda I feel like I’ve tagged you every day this week so far :joy: sorry :see_no_evil::rofl:

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Lol, I appreciate your support :kissing_heart:

Oooh! I’m still new to all this so I have no idea how to find her drive?

You’ll find a link to her Instagram in my thread :slight_smile: just click on her linktree

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