Overlay error please help 😊

I was following this template and I keep getting this error

And here my script

Can anyone help me figure out the error?

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ui will not work after AND

Okay thank you

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Still doesn’t work

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Yes ui’s work with AND and THEN. ui’s work exactly like regular overlays

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Which line does this warning message show up for?

In line 1541

Try changing the word ui to overlay (you used it 3 times in one line)
You can keep the &, AND, THEN when you use overlay

Which line is that? You cut off the line numbers in your screenshot above

Oh sorry this is the line

I dont see anything wrong with those commands. Are you sure that’s the line? There should be a yellow triangle on the line where the warning is at. Can you show a whole screenshot of your script without cropping the screenshot?

Try putting the β€œRIGHT” { command on the next line.