Overlay experts, please answer this question

I’ve been reading a few stories where the author makes the character open and close their eyes. I probably make zero sense but I’m wondering how they do it. Like in Fine Line where Violet winked towards the camera. How do I do this. If it’s made with overlays what overlay do I upload and how do I use it?

I think it is done by transition :confused: but I am not sure , lol, I am not an overly expert :joy: didn’t even used one until now

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What do you mean by transition?

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Transition fade in/out in 3 ?

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That’s for backgrounds.:joy:

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But if you put it like this🤔
Same background
With same position of character
Lol😂i even myself don’t have idea what I am saying

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Lol I’ll try it out.

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:joy:okay , tell me if it works​:upside_down_face::joy: if it didn’t , hope you find out a way​:wink:soon

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Thank you:joy:

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Use two black overlays at top and the bottom and shift up/down

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I meant an actual eye on the characters face.

Oh, sorry :joy: it’s mostl likely an overlay or maybe some changing outfit “face” :thinking: what I mean is when character finish an animation, change the outfit (even if it’s the same one) some animations are actually changing (some of them are really creepy!)

I haven’t read that story but isn’t there an action for that? flirt_wink_forward
That makes the character put a hand on her hip, then tilt her head a little and wink at the camera.

Sorry if that wasn’t what you were asking about.

What do you mean by that?

Try it yourself to see what I mean:
@CHARACTER is frustrated
@pause for 2.0
@CHARACTER changes into outfit

The face expression will change.

It’s not working.

I didn’t mean this animation in particular but nevermind.

I didn’t read this story yet so I don’t know what you mean exactly, but it might be the end of animation :thinking:

try this: