Overlay eyes directing help / tips

hey guys so I’m in a pickle and really need some help. So I’m in the middle of writing my episode, and it includes a scene where the main characters eyes look up while she’s idle_exhausted. So i was wondering if any of you know how to code / overlay a green eye as i allowed the readers to choose the eye shape (not colour) so i don’t want to change the whole eye shape too so it looks off to the readers. For example in the my psycho story where the eyes dart everywhere :slight_smile: if anyone knows how it’ll be much appreciated.

You would need to make eye overlays of all the shapes you have offered in the customisation and use gains & if/elif/else. It’s quite complicated to do when you have customisation in your story because of the different features, you would want them to look out of place

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thank you so much :slight_smile:

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