Overlay Fading Help Needed

Hi! OK, so I’m trying to achieve the appearance of an overlay fading in.

Here’s my script:

INT. ENDING - DAY with THIS STORY to 0.449 45 364

&overlay THIS STORY opacity 0 in 0

@pause for 2

@overlay THIS STORY opacity 1 in 4.5

I’m pretty sure I’ve done everything correctly, however, when I check my story on the app the overlay doesn’t fade in, instead it automatically just appears. As in the opacity goes straight to 1.

Can someone please let me know if I’m doing anything wrong or if there is anything I can fix? Thanks so much, xo.

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It’s best to use the create/overlay commands if you want an overlay to fade in. Don’t add the overlay to the background name.

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Thanks so much for the feedback! I’ll make sure to try this method and see how it goes. Xo.

It did work! Thank you so much for the help, Dara <3

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