Overlay falling

how do i make a tear/overlay fall

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This thread is about placing, moving, rotating etc. overlays! It explains how you can do this. :slight_smile:

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sorry but i dont know what you just said.

Its okay :sweat_smile:. The above is a link to a different thread on the forum that explains how you can animate overlays (such as a teardrop). If you click on it and read through, you can learn how to animate your tear overlay (make it fall).

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O thanks :sob: :joy: :heart: :heart:

No problem! :blue_heart:

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hold on im trying to put frekles my characters face and i can find the overlay because its zoomed… how do i find it (the overlay)

Freckles are an option you can add to outfits in LL in clothing, so you do not need to use an overlay. If you’re using INK, and need to use the overlay, you can press “show helpers” in the previewer, then press “spot directing” then “change overlay” and you should be able to drag it into your view.

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