Overlay - "fence"

I’m wondering if there’s a way or a chance that someone could do me this little “fence” in png as an overlay for the stairs in this picture:

It would be awesome if you could! Like I said this exact and only the fence as an overlay.

I made two versions, as I wasn’t sure if you wanted just the metal fence railing or the wall with it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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oh. my. god
You’re probably a secret overlay God.
Thanks so much , you’re the best!
P.S. How should I credit you?

Haha, I secretly might be. :smiling_imp:
You don’t need to credit me, as I don’t have any social media to direct anyone to.

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Hahah, you never know :wink:
Thanks again…I’ll keep you in mind when I’m gonna need my next overlay :relaxed: