I am looking for overlays for the background below

Overlays I Want From The Background below: Front Part of the Bridge (So that my character can walk through it); Tree on The Right

Need An Overlay? I'll help you! (Including Arm Overlays) *CLOSED TO CATCH UP*

Here is the tree made by @Alyssa_Snijders. Make sure to credit her! :slight_smile:

~ Winter :snowflake:


That one is for the night time


Does anyone have a day version for the bridge overlay and the tree overlay


I can help you, but im lagging :frowning:
But I know someone who can help you (:
Try this thread, Im sure she’ll help you!


That one’s not actually night time. It’s the same filter. If you look closely you’ll find out that they’re the same color.


Oh. But it does not match up well to the background.


Oops. Sorry! :sweat_smile:




Still looking for the bridge and the tree overlays, if anyone wants to help me out!!!


Her you go, I tried! Things with lots of things in the background really need work! :persevere:



It’s fine you don’t even need to use it!


Thank you so much, but I kind of wanted the stairs to not be part of the overlay


Hey there! I made two versions of it for you as I didn’t know which one would work better.
Here they are:

Hope this helped :slight_smile:


I tried to save it but the white space is always saved with it. @Jahstoriess, could you make it into a .png, instead of a .jpg?


Oh! I’m sorry hold on


It’s not working for some reason… Can I email it to you?


I can help you with the tree and bridge overlay: