Overlay Glitch - Driving me crazy!

This is the code that I’m using:
INT. YACHT CABIN - DAY with EFFECT DIM 60 in zone 2 at layer 10 with CANDLE to .743 40 150 in zone 3 at layer 8 with FLAME to 1 42 193 in zone 3 at layer 9 with SOFA in zone 1 at layer 1 with TABLE in zone 1 at layer 7
@zoom on 710 206 to 740% in 0
@cut to zone 3
&overlay FLAME shifts to 51 197 in 1 THEN overlay FLAME shifts to 42 193 in 1 loop INFINITE times
&overlay FLAME scales to .743 .743 in 1 THEN overlay FLAME scales to 1 1 in 1 loop INFINITE times
@ROSALIE spot 0.525 114 325 in zone 3 at layer 3 AND ROSALIE faces left AND ROSALIE starts idle_sit_sad_loop
@ADMIRAL spot .495 317 338 in zone 3 at layer 2 AND ADMIRAL faces right AND ADMIRAL starts idle_sit_serious_loop
@transition fade in black

Basically, the FLAME overlay is supposed to be animated, kind flicking and growing back and forth.
When I placed the flame without animating it in the background line, it’s in the perfect position in the zone that I need it in.
Once I preview the script with the animation, it disappears into zone 1.

The same thing happened in an earlier scene, I wanted a boat to move up and down so the X position stayed the same, say at 297, but I had the Y position change by 3 points. Instead of slowing bobbing up and down like I wanted it to, it moved itself all the way back into zone 1, which I never even placed it in. I gave up and decided that the dang ship didn’t need to be animated but giving up is not going to solve the issue with other overlays apparently.

What exactly is causing the overlays to default into zone 1 when I try to have them slightly move within the zone??

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I am not sure, but you use the overlay in your background name and later on you change your position. You shouldn’t do that. Delete them next to your background name and do it like this:

@overlay EFFECT DIM create AND overlay EFFECT DIM opacity 1
@overlay CANDLE create AND overlay CANDLE opacity 1
@overlay TABLE create AND overlay TABLE opacity 1
@overlay FLAME create AND overlay FLAME opacity 1

After that you copy the position they have to be in in the very beginning.

Edit: you don’t need to change that when you don’t switch there positioning!

What difference does it actually make though? Either way, they’re getting created and placed lol

So I ended up cracking the code to make it look how I was imagining it, but it involved literal guesswork.

Basically, because they defaulted into zone 1, I just added to the numbers that I was currently shifting them to in zone 1, so instead of shifting to 51 197 I shifted them to 751 197 and refined it from there. It makes no sense at all, but it worked so I’ll keep this one like that.

I’ll go back to my ship scene and add it in using the create command to see if that is what’s causing the issue.

You have to specify the zone when shifting overlays. So it should look like this:

&overlay FLAME shifts to 51 197 in zone 3 in 1 THEN overlay FLAME shifts to 42 193 in zone 3 in 1 loop INFINITE times

Seriously? I had no idea that you could do that… Don’t I feel dumb hahaha :point_right:t3: :point_left:t3:

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