Overlay Glitch in the Writer's Portal

So my custom overlays that i’ve made and imported in the writer’s portal are having a probelm. They’re all the same size and use the same coding but one of them somehow changes it’s location and size. I’ve used the same spot directing for them, but only one changes its size randomly. I hope you understand what I mean. (the second one has a different mouth shape than the first, thats the only difference) Here’s my script:

&overlay BASE create

&overlay 5743806406590464_BASE shifts to 24 72 in zone 2
&overlay 5743806406590464_BASE scales to 0.388 0.388
&overlay 5743806406590464_BASE moves to layer 5
&overlay BASE opacity 1

@pause for 3

&overlay BASE OPEN MOUTH create
&overlay BASE OPEN MOUTH shifts to 24 72 in zone 2
&overlay BASE OPEN MOUTH scales to 0.388 0.388
&overlay BASE OPEN MOUTH moves to layer 5
&overlay BASE OPEN MOUTH opacity 1

as you can see they use the same spot directing, so you’d assume they’d be in the same location and size, but i the second one changes its size and area.

maybe you uploaded them in different sizes

wdym by different sizes? they’re both 2048 x 2048 and nothing changes only the mouth :))

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i’m not sure either, can i see your overlays?