Overlay glitch, stage view

When I preview my story my overlay isn’t included and it comes up with a warning saying that I need to create the overlay in stage view first. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s still under review but I’d really appreciate some advice!

If the overlay was not attached to the background, you will need to use the command @overlay OVERLAY create.

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Thank you!

I used the command:

INT. CHRISTYS CAFE - DAY with DONUT SHOP COUNTER to 1.000 -625 -0 in zone 3 at layer 0

It shows up on the writers portal when I test my story, but as soon as I test it on the App on my phone, the overlay is gone.

I also sometimes get an error message saying my background does not exist. It’s both a custom background and overlay, but both has been aproved, so I just don’t understand why the app is not showing the overlay.

Also, the commoand “@overlay OVERLAY create” does not work at all.


I’m dealing with the same issue I don’t know how to fix it i even added the create command and it still did it!

Writer error when using overlay animation. Please create overlay in stage view first.

If you have previewed your story in the writers portal, with every thing running smoothly, only to end up getting this writer warning in the preview on the app then this might be able to help you.
I had the same problem with my two overlays:

Turns out it was a simple mistake that I made. For the CHAMPAGNE BOTTLE, I accidentally misspelled it to champGAne bottle and for the WEDDING RING 1 I forgot to put the 1. Both mistakes did NOT show up as mistakes in the script errors and for some reason, they both seemed to work fine in the previewer.

My advise would be to double check your overlay names and see if you can find any little mistakes such as mine. Hope this helps!

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