Overlay heelp pleaseee

hi! I am trying to make an overlay (it took me hours and I just can’t). please, if you can help me I will credit you :pleading_face:

hi, what kind of overlay are you looking for?

an overlay with my female character standing with her arms on the table, something like this!maybe with her face a little bit less creepy, but still smiling

hey love I could do it!
Just send me the character details

thank you so much, sorry for bothering you again!

brows:seductive arch
hair:beach waves, black
eyes:upturned feline, white
lips:full round, toffee

black dressy top
black ridged moto jacket
key necklace

its no problem love! Ur actually helping me

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Hey love!
sorry its taking so long its harder then I thought… I can get it to you by tomwere

no problem! take your time :heart: