Overlay Help Advice needed!

Hi my fellow creators!

I am new to Episode story writing (still working on my first story) and want to make my own overlays. What websites do you use on the laptop to create overlays please that are free to use? I’d love my stories to look a bit more professional (p.s. - if you want to check what my story is like to far, the 1st 9 chapters are out, called The Newland Twins)

Thank you for all your help in advance guys, anyone who does/has helped me along the way will be given a mention at the end of my story :slight_smile:

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Try pixabay.com you will get free images then convert into painting using a brush in some apps to make it look more realistic in episode. I’ll let you know if you donno which app to use. Also cartoon images are available there. @Alys_Key

Just had a quick look on the site you mentioned, is it like Google? Just a search engine for pictures/backgrounds?
What sites do I use to remove backgrounds and have objects as overlays?
Example; birds eye view of bed and overlay of duvet, or a pregnancy kit or hospital equipment etc

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It’s a site for downloading free images without any copyright issues. I didn’t get you when you said to remove background!
You can use those images as background or as overlay. It depends where you upload that picture. Just type the image or overlay you want, it will show similar results.