Overlay Help - Again 😣


Hello again! Yes it’s me, hopefully I can stop popping up everywhere when I get this one problem fixed. Is it possible that anyone could resize these overlays:

to 1920x1136? I know it’s asking ALOT, but I suck at resizing, so If anyone could help, it would be much appreciated. I will definitely credit you in my story when I use it! I’m sorry again for being so annoying!

UPDATE: I won’t be active on the forums for a whole week (from tomorrow - Australian (Sydney) Time ) for reasons that are too long to explain, but please if anyone decides to help me out, I’m not ignoring you, I merely don’t have access to the internet so I can’t reply. Thank you in advance for helping me!


You want them to be resized in the size that you mentioned as a png… Right??


Its not an overlay…
Its a image .jpg
The name is overlay.


Okay here is the first image-


Here’s the second one-

So, you mentioned but if you are going to use it please credit me on instagram @princesssana_sa

Thank you…
I hope this helped you @author.y.w


Let me know if you wanna change the outside white background into something else.


Okay I didn’t know that it was an overlay is it possible that you can make it into overlay? If not thank you so much for your help, I’m so grateful! I’ll credit your instagram don’t worry :two_hearts::slight_smile:


I can turn it into an overlay!


Only the second one is an overlay, so you can place any background behind the doors!


The second one isn’t an overlay…


It is:
If you use it as an overlay and the door is clear (no background) you can decide what kind of room is behind the door!
I made it, since it only took me 1 min


Its a .jpg…
Its a form of image


I do not understand what you mean?
I know it is a .jpg, but if it is a background or overlay only has to do with where you upload and if there are background-free parts…
So the first one you would upload as background, since it doesn’t include any background-free parts, and the second as overlay since it does it the parts…


No background are .jpg and overlays are overlays because they are .png so you have to convert a background into a .png to use it as an overlay…
That’s what I want to say…


The website you sent me won’t load :sweat_smile:


Yeah I checked and it isn’t loading So,
Here I converted the first image into an overlay-


I use both .png. I will convert it into .png, I didn’t knew it was .jpg


Thank you so so much! You’re a great help! :kissing_smiling_eyes:


I don’t know what I’m saying…
Please forget what I say…:confounded::confounded:


Try uploading the first one please @author.y.w