Overlay help (answered)

Hey! so I made a new account since my last one wasn’t working and now I’m able to work on my story again. I had someone make me an overlay and was wondering how I could keep it from being in front of my character? I’ve tried layering it but it didn’t work. If anyone could help I’d appreciate it!

Thanks :blush:

You could try layering your character instead of your overlay. But idk.

Layer both char and overlay :slight_smile:

I’ve read threads about how to do it, and I tried it but I’m not sure if I’m doing it right. So I want the character to stand screen right and the overlay is a picture on the wall but when she walks past it the overlay is in front of her. Which layer should I change them to? I’ve tried layer 1 for character and layer -4 for the overlay.

Try putting your char at layer 3 and overlay layer 1 see if that helps.

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Ok thank you!

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