Overlay help ASAP/ making my own overlay

So i started making my own OL’s and BG and i had a problem with my overlay:
I have a hand overlay and a drawing overlay and i want to put the drawing overlay behind the hand overlay, but i don’t know how.
Here’s a screen shot for the better understanding:

Here, it looks like the drawing holds the hand, which doesn’t make sense!
Can someone help me PLS?
S.N: i make my OL and BG on photopea.com


hmm i dont think you can because i see that you didn’t put them in different layers so what i would do is erase the hand make a new layer and add the hand am move that layer as you would like
I dont know the icon to push for a new layer but usually the shortcut keys is CRTL + N or command + N


TYSM i’ll try.


OMG it worked! TYSM and do you want me to credit you?

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