Overlay help ASAP please!

I had overlays made and they have been approved but they wont show up on my story at all what’s going wrong?!

Make sure you are adding the overlay correctly: A Guide to Using & Animating OVERLAYS

ive done that and the overlay shows up as an empty box whenever i go to move it ill send you a picture because at this point i dont know what im doing wrong


so its the opacity part that im missing?


okay i have another question about the overlay now. ive moved it to the spot i want it and save it but whenever i watch the preview it isnt there and its on another zone how do i fix that?

You need the zone #

thank you so much!! i really appreciate your help!

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No problem :wink:

its showing this error did i type it wrong?

Remove “#”, it should just be “in zone 3”

that makes sense lol thank you! idk what im doing wrong still but the overlays dont show up.

It looks like you removed or didn’t add the create command

your right i accidently deleted it. can you tell me whats wrong with this one because its not showing up on the screen either.help

You made the scales negatives which completely changes the spot of the overlay. You’ll have to zoom all the way out to find it

thank you! youve seriously been so much help!

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