OVERLAY HELP! - bed sheets

Hello :slight_smile:

I was wondering if anyone was willing to make a bedsheet overlay for this background, one where the characters can be under the sheets and can be seen from a frontal view.

I can :relieved:

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Thank you so much! Just get back to me when you’ve completed it :slight_smile: Is it a quick job?

Here: :smile:

Oh no I meant from a bird’s eye view!!! with the pillow and everything like most stories have. I’m sorry if i explained it badly!!

Ooooh it’s ok :grinning:
I’ll do it now

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Thank you!!

So do you want the whole bed?

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I know some people who have it :

-make sure to read her rules tho


Like i want something like this, but I just want the same colour scheme as the bed with the purple pillows and everything which is why im not using a templatte

I’m pretty sure she got it on her drive somewhere, because I can’t really help In this degree I’m a background maker for houses and streets mainly :sweat_smile:

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Okay don’t worry! I’m trying to use it for a art scene anyway so that doesn’t stick to her rules