Overlay help emergency

Hi everyone! Im trying to get my overlay (cookie tray) on my kitchen table and I’m really struggling please can someone help me I really don’t know what to do!

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Do you need help with putting it to a certain position?

y’a i want it to like kinda lay on the counter if that makes sense!!

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Okay, do you know how to spot direct them?

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sort of this is my first story so I don’t much just the basics!

Easier to try to spot direct on your phone so you can just copy down the coordination

that’s what i did originally but i cant get it to lay on the table if it makes sense!

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Huh? I dont get it show me your code. It probably an error

You see how the cookies kind of “stand” on the table I want to be on the table if that makes sense like I want it to look like the cookies are on the table?

Think u need a different overlay preferably from the side view so it can kinda “lay down”

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I think this would work
I already cut the white bkground u just have to download it

ur literally a life saver!! Thank you!! Do you have an IG i can credit?

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I got you if you need anything.