Overlay help hehe

Heyyy guys I am currently writing a story and I need a overlay of this picture—>

The background has to be removed
If you can do this please react and if you know someone who could do this please link him or her(need this real bad )

Oh, I’m not really sure if you can use an overlay on the phone. I think you need to use it on the computer.

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I know I am not writing it on my phone but this is the base (picture)

Oh okay. Like what type of overlay do you need?

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Only the girl without the background
I tried to do it like in the script and then screen shot it on my phone but It didn’t work.

With the actual outfit

Could you Maybe help (if you do not have time don’t do it) I don’t want to waste tour time

Hmm. So, you want no background. Like a white background?

Yeah kind of

But if I place it as a overlay there has to be no background

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Oh, I see. I get it now. Just go to this link https://sketch.io/sketchpad/ And it already gives a white background. And just save it.

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I will try Thank you

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