Overlay Help( I Dont Know Anything)

, How can I make a blanket overlay, Like what app do I use.

You can search up “Episode Blanket Overlay” and you’ll get tons of pngs. Pick one you like, save it, and upload it to overlays! :hearts:

That’s a bad idea! You should never use something off the internet if you don’t know where it came from and who to credit, because it’s theft and you can get in major trouble.

Anyways, to the poster of the thread, you should check out: Blanket Overlays For Every Episode Bed

And in regards to making one, hmm, I’m not sure but you can always request for one in art resources, check out Pixabay or try an app like PicsArt. Hopefully someone will come along with a much cooler answer :smiley:


Okay thank you so much :grinning: