OVERLAY HELP (I need some help)

can u help me?
So I want like a dinner scene, and there are 4 people. 2 people on each side.
Can you help me?

What do you need help with? Placing the characters?

like i need to know how to code it, like in a dinnertable scene. Like how can I put one character behind the table, and one character on the front.

You can use something like
INT. BAR - DAY with BAR at layer 2
@BARTENDER spot 1.150 230 97 in zone 1 at layer -1
&CHARACTER spot 1.280 -104 0 AND CHARACTER moves to layer 3
@CHARACTER walks to spot 1.280 153 0 in 1.5

thank you so much dear! thanks so damn much omg thanks sskskkskskskksksksk

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Hi, I need to know how to make the MC look back, so her back is facing the screen. I just forgot how. Help please?