Overlay help i need

&overlay TEAR-DAY create
&overlay 4748553562619904_TEAR-DAY shifts to 197 256
&overlay 4748553562619904_TEAR-DAY scales to 0.711 0.711
&overlay TEAR-DAY opacity 1

@overlay 4748553562619904_TEAR-DAY shifts to 199 36 in 2
@overlay 4748553562619904_TEAR-DAY scales to 0.711 0.711 in 2
@pause for a beat
&overlay TEAR-DAY clear
@zoom reset
@overlay BRUISE 2 -DAY clear
@overlay BRUISE 1-DAY clear

@overlay BRUISE 1-DAY create
&overlay 4748553562619904_BRUISE 1-DAY shifts to 223 399
&overlay 4748553562619904_BRUISE 1-DAY scales to 0.603 0.603
&overlay BRUISE 1-DAY opacity 1
&overlay BRUISE 2 -DAY create
&overlay 4748553562619904_BRUISE 2 -DAY shifts to 249 263
&overlay 4748553562619904_BRUISE 2 -DAY scales to 0.992 0.992
&overlay BRUISE 2 -DAY opacity 1

did I make it right ?

Maybe you write the overlay name instead of writing overlay and then the overlay name :wink:.

I’m not good at stuff like this but this helped a lot so you can double check using it