Overlay Help (invisible overlay?)

i am putting the overlay after the zoom happens, so i’m not doing the overlay in the starting background (INT. AUDITORIUM BACKSTAGE - DAY with OVERLAY) i would like to put it after the zoom. ty for the help though, i’ll keep that in mind when i want the overlay to start with the background! :heart:

Yes :slight_smile:

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You Are Welcome Sweetie.

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thank you! :heart:

Let me know if it’s working xxx

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Wait Not To Be Rude Or Jealous She Just Said " Opacity " And I Said " (Background Anything) And With (Blank) < Then You Add Overlay So I Really Help
You Should Be Thanking Me

hers was correct in the question i asked, yours was correct but in a different scenario. i will be using both of your tips. thanks to both of you :slight_smile:

Oh I Thought I Was Left Out LOL

no haha, i thanked both of u :sweat_smile:

it worked! tysm :slight_smile:

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And Me?? LoL

your method is correct as well, just not what i was looking for in this scenario :slight_smile:


What Did Opacity Had To Do With Overlays??

If you’re creating an overlay in the stage you need to add an opacity command for overlay to show up

Oh Didnt Know New To The Episode Stuff But I Got It From Turtorials I’ve Been Watching …

opacity is the transparency, since i didn’t specify mine i believe it was at 0%.

there’s more info about overlays in this post, if u want to check it out. it helped me with coding my overlays!

my mistake was that i skipped the part where she put the opacity, it was my mistake :stuck_out_tongue: everything in the thread is right tho

Apes Can You Check My Topic Need Help

Hi guys I am in serious need of some overlay help… I am trying to do a smoke overlay but it looks extremely choppy… and the smoke has a line at the front so when I place the smoke overlay it just looks strange…


@overlay EFFECT SMOKE opacity 1
@overlay EFFECT SMOKE shifts to -8 285
@overlay EFFECT SMOKE scales to 0.454 0.454