Overlay help its not showing up

The overlay LILLY LOSS BUN is not showing up at all. If I delete where it shits and scales so I can get it to show up to move it but when I add the numbers back in next to it and click save then preview it will not show on the preview. Scripted in the comment.

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INT. CLASS BORD - DAY with WELCOME to 0.568 80 325 with LILLY HAIR LOSS BUN 1.090 18 314

&zoom reset

&zoom on 0 514 to 135% in 0

@overlay LILLY HAIR LOSS BUN opacity 0 in 0

@overlay WELCOME to layer -1

@add Sheet Paper White to LILLY

&LILLY spot 1.065 63 178 AND LILLY moves to layer 1 AND LILLY is read_paper_neutral

@ZANDER spot 1.208 356 142 in zone 2

(This is an amazing paper, whichever child is Arianna is a very bright one, I need to learn faces with names fast.)

@ZANDER walks to spot 1.208 188 141 in zone 1

@pause for a beat

    ZANDER (talk_handsonhips_neutral)
Ms. Mooney?

@remove Sheet Paper White from LILLY

@LILLY faces right

    LILLY (talk_awkward_loop)
Oh, ummmmm, Mr. Stevens what can I help you with?

@LILLY is idle_awkward_scratch_loop

@ZANDER is think_rubchin

@zoom on 32 67 to 351% in 0

@zoom on 40 256 to 351% in 2

@overlay LILLY HAIR LOSS BUN moves to layer 3

@overlay LILLY HAIR LOSS BUN opacity 1 in 0

I was in my own world and routine when Ms. Mooney showed up this morning.

@zoom on 26 435 to 351% in 2

I had not got a proper look at her because I was in full on in charge mood.

@zoom on 32 532 to 351% in 2

@speechbubble is 155 125 to 100%

But looking at her know, how did I not stop dead in my tracks and just admire this beautiful woman.
I mean just look at her she had beautiful chestnut brown hair pulled back and a few strands where loss.
More than likely from rubbing her head, because I notice when I walked in while she was reading her paper she would reach on up rub her forehead for some reason.
She had very light, light brown eyes, I had never seen such color of brown before and it went perfectly with her chestnut brown hair.
She was just flawless.

@speechbubble reset
Here is the scene

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I have even tried chaning the name of the overlay to ABC thinkink that maybe it was not working because I had her name in it, but it’s still not working. :frowning:

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OKAY SO the @overlay WELCOME moves to layer -1 you don’t need the opacity i don’t think since you don’t have it like @overlay create so try

Also in your background LILLY HAIR LOSS BUN is supposed to be to 1.090 18 314

INT. CLASS BORD - DAY with WELCOME to 0.568 80 325 in zone # at layer -1 with LILLY HAIR LOSS BUN 1.090 18 314 in zone # at layer #

But l only have one zone and had this background with the welcome overlay and a different one in a different scene and didn’t need zone

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I will take the overlay to move its there because it was copied and pasted it was needed in the different scene due to where the character was standing forgot to remove it.

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then just use zone 1

so which overlay isn’t popping up


Witch I renamed thinking it was not working due to her name being in the overlay name. It’s ABC know.

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with LILLY HAIR LOSS BUN 1.090 18 314 its supposed to be with LILLY HAIR LOSS BUN to 1.090 18 314

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Thank you I see I forgot the word to.

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Your welcome! :smiley:

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Solved and closed. Thanks all!