Overlay help lol I tried but failed

So i tried to make my overlays and it was just terrible and I wanted to get these done can someone help me cuz apparently making overlays ain’t for me…

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01237cd6650b90ff6dc7aefb454a32c739d826f1-removebg 1773e23517987151a490ce7031d80f38e4894a5d-removebg a87e5ffd9e33ed9c4846ce9317694fc839f4ee5f-removebg acff233acba204bda9b95c6c32d743c09a611e19-removebg b93538fa8e8340cbe244a94c6c9cd0fddc7f041e-removebg c203849fac6ad3fdc7c99ba05e11bafd558b0a45-removebg

Here you go :slightly_smiling_face:

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Omg I love you you’re the best :sob::sob::heart::heart:

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