Overlay help needed: popping up afterwards

I need help with an overlay to follow along with another instead of popping up afterwards.

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Use the
& sign instead of the @ sign.

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That works, but then it takes away the part when the overlay comes up from the bottom, do u know how to get it to still do that?

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What do you mean?
For example from my script:
&overlay RUNNING MASCARA opacity 0 in 1

@REFLECTION is rear AND ROSE is think_rubchin AND ROSE faces left THEN ROSE is idle_sad_serious_loop AND ANNA is idle_armscrossed_angry_loop
@overlay RUNNING MASCARA shifts to 150 366
@overlay RUNNING MASCARA scales to 0.204 0.204
@overlay RUNNING MASCARA opacity 1 in 0

This part means that before that command above ends the next things(below) happen.

All that worked, but I still couldn’t get it to come from the bottom and the other overlays to come up with it, if u can’t figure it out it’s fine but this is what I have.

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&overlay NAME1 shifts to coordinates AND overlay NAME2 shifts to coordinates

I think

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I still can’t get this perfect, but thank you for ur help✨

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Of course.


I’m assuming you want all overlays to move (i’m not on the portal rn so i cant test it but i can draw up a rough sketch here):

&overlay WARNING create
&overlay WARNING shifts to -5 Y
&overlay WARNING scales to 0.881 0.881
&overlay WARNING moves to layer #
&overlay WARNING opacity 1 in 0
&overlay NAT create
&overlay NAT shifts to 7 Y
&overlay NAT scales to 0.551 0.551
&overlay NAT moves to layer #
&overlay NAT opacity 1 in 0
&overlay WHITE EYE create
&overlay WHITE EYE shifts to 22 Y
&overlay WHITE EYE scales to 0.550 0.550
&overlay WHITE EYE moves to layer 1
&overlay WHITE EYE opacity 1 in 0
&overlay TAUPE E create
&overlay TAUPE E shifts to 26 Y
&overlay TAUPE E scales to 0.501 0.501
&overlay TAUPE E moves to layer 2
@overlay TAUPE E opacity 1 in 0

&overlay WARNING shifts to -5 Ynew in S
&overlay NAT shifts to 7 Ynew in S
&overlay WHITE EYE shifts to 22 Ynew in S
@overlay TAUPE E shifts to 26 Ynew in S

*replace Y with a number (move overlay below screen), will get diff values
*replace Ynew with new number (on screen), will get diff values
*S = in seconds, keep same number
#= a number

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I was trying to get it to go in this order:
Her pop up with the eye overlay parts to follow
Then I was would add her to look up while the warnings pop up.
But I couldn’t get the white part of the eye and the pupil to go along with the face, and now the portal and the app are showing me 2 different things

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