Overlay Help Needed


hii! i made an ugly background for my story (ik it’s ugly, i just needed something like it and i had to make one myself. ik i suck), and i made a matching overlay with the door open. when i upload it, it says

Your overlay must be under 1MB. Yours was 1.565 MB.

how can i fix this?? do i need to remake it? any help is appreciatedddddd.

here’s the overlay btw, idc if you steal it lol (pls dont tho) the white part is the transparent part it just shows up as white on here


Yes, you need to change the size. The overlay has to be under 1MB


what do you mean size? like the resolution?

(sorry i suck at this lol)


haha same :see_no_evil:
and yes I think!