Overlay help Please before I pull my hair out

I’ve tried every layer.
I can’t get my character to stand behind the overlay at all.

INT. BAR - DAY with BAROVERLAY1 at layer -1

@zoom on 0 0 to 100% in 0
@LEON spot 1.050 164 133
@LEON moves to layer 0
@overlay 5628220844933120_BAROVERLAY1 shifts to -114 53
@overlay 5628220844933120_BAROVERLAY1 scales to 1.533 1.533

You need to move the overlay to layer 1, I believe. (I very well could be wrong.)

Isn’t that what you wanted? Him behind the overlay?

I’m sorry. I’m trying to get him to be the bartender. Is there a way i can do that without seeing his feet?

Only if you make the floor part of the overlay. Since the overlay is only the bar, he would have to be really high up to cover his feet.

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okay so where would I find the floor part of this overlay?

or how would I make him higher up to cover his feet?

use this one :slight_smile:

I thought that’s the one I used.
I"m going to try it.
Thank you.