Overlay help PLEASE :( xx

I am in need of some help :frowning: I am doing a smoke overlay and it comes up but it won’t move and it also look s extremely weird because theirs a line in-front of the smoke which makes the smoke look very fake EXT. WINERY WEDDING STORM - DAY with EFFECT SMOKE with effect HARD RAIN

@overlay EFFECT SMOKE opacity 1
@overlay EFFECT SMOKE shifts to -8 285
@overlay EFFECT SMOKE scales to 0.454 0.454

I think it have to be with spot, I am pretty sure you supposed to use spot before the number

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aw ok thank you I’ll try that now

I’m too sure how to do that I tried to move it to a spot but it only had scale and shift options

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Hold on, I might be mistan spot may only apply to charcters, let me check my story and will get back to you

idk if this is why, but if you are putting the overlay in a zone that isn’t zone 1, you have to put the zone you want it to move to in the shift command…
@overlay EFFECT SMOKE shifts to -8 285 in zone #

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Oh my gosh I just saw this now thank you I will try this now sorry :sweat_smile:

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you don’t have to apologise :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: x

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