Overlay help please!


Hello guys!
I have this little problem with the overlay (I know it may be so basic but haha); The script is currently like this(without the “-” of course):
&zoom reset
@-cut to zone 2
@-Char enters from left to screen center and Char is run_athletic
@-Char walks to spot 0.308 174 269 in 3.0 and Char is walk_rear THEN Char is tinker_loop_rear
@-zoom on 504 20 to 147% in 3
@-transition fade in magenta 3
@-overlay 5031875111944192_GHOST shifts to 94 42
@-overlay 5031875111944192_GHOST scales to 0.586 0.586
So it should look like this: https://prnt.sc/jf23zw
But when I save it, the overlay goes somewhere else even tho the script says to go to the place I indicated: https://prnt.sc/jf24c2
Any Idea of what am I doing wrong? ):


You need to specify the zone number when shifting your overlay.


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