Overlay help please?


If a background already has a overlay, how do you get the person to sit behind the conference room desk.


Characters are automatically placed behind overlays that are attached to the background.


im using this for a scene but i’m not sure how to place them behind the table


You can just specify the spot they want to be in so they can be behind the table


i understand but how am i to know what the exact spot behind the table is


Okay when you see the preview there is an option where it say’s “Directing help” you click that then there will be some options, click on the option where is say’s “Spot Helper” then there is where you can spot them but when you already spot them you need to go where there is a white dialog under the preview screen and press the button “copy” and insert it in you’re script


Ive done that and it still places them infront of the desk


That background is a custom background meaning that it’s just a background and the desk isn’t actually an overlay. You’d have to find the desk overlay and upload it, then add it to the scene. Only Episode’s own backgrounds have overlays that are attached to the backgrounds.


thank you


Please if you use any of the edited backgrounds just to show or as an example on the forum, make sure you’ll give an author a credit.


My apologies