Overlay help pleaseeee

Can anybody help me fix this overlay? I moved it on the app and wrote down what it said it was and still nothing I’m so confused on what to do it’s frustrating me now!

You need to put what zone you want it in.

how would you write it?

What zone do you want it in, babe?

It would be like with DESK DAY in zone 2 at layer 0

(example since I don’t know where you want to place it)

Edit: More in-depth guide :slight_smile: - A Guide to Using & Animating OVERLAYS

In what zone do you need it?
If your overlay doesn’t appear on zone you need it even you write near your overlay, try to add 320 for each extra zone than 1 to x from shifts values.

When I put my overlay near background name if I want to put it in other zone than 1 on:
@overlay OVERLAY shifts to x y
on x I add for every zone 320

If I need my overlay in zone 3, I put it with help of Directing Helper where I need to be, then I add to x value from shifts 640 (320 for zone 2+320 for zone 3).

Sorry if I’m not very good to explain better.:see_no_evil:

I’d want it in zone 2 and I wrote DESK DAY in zone 2 at layer 0 and it still hasnt moved it and I just dont understand the coordinates either I might just give up D:

Hi, test your overlay out, get it to the position you want, click on Overlay Helper, click on your overlay, copy the coordinates and paste them here so we can help you :wink:

INT. PHILADELPHIA TIMES OFFICE - DAY with DESK DAY to 1.000 -91 6 in zone 2 at layer 0

Try this, I wrote it according to the coordinates given in your script. :slight_smile:

Thankyou everyone my lovely other half helped me out with everything you said too! He’s the brains ngl :joy: