Overlay help plz need as soon as possible!

Hi can someone make these pictures an overlay plz, need as soon as possible!images

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@jassie12dw you are really good can u help me?

I can help also

Ok can i get it as soon as possible plz

there really isnt any details i would just like them to get cut out!

ok thank you so much!

Hi are u done with the overlays

Hi :blush:
I advise you to find some other overlays. You cannot use apple products in your stories, because of copyright reasons :v:

oh ok thanks

hi srry to bother ut are u done

oh ok but do you knowhow to take the apple logo off

Nah, she can use it as long as the logo is removed, I’ve done it multiple time.
You did a great job blurring it.

omg thank you so much