Overlay help plzz


can someone make me a bed cover overlay with the pattern from the Teen sisters bedroom and the cover is from above if that makes sense please help


what do those things look like?


this is not mine but I want it to look like this but with the pattern that’s on the teen sister bedroom


I found dis:
It was posted by:

So credit her if this is it if not, tell me so i can look 4 another 1


thank you for trying I appreciate it im looking for that type but with the pattern that is on the bed in the Teen sisters bedroom


with that bed pattern


oOOHH I am slow lol IK WHERE THAT IS!


Here is the link if u need more, or it doesn’t work!
: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Ev2oUf6kHjnc6M8Cc6qsN734uCr5Ygrb A…


thank you but I kinda need it from above and not the side


I’ll see wut I can do…




np, I asked someone 2 do it, and just waiting 4 his response


Hey! I got it, and I hope it’s wut ya asked 4!

Credit: @Problematic_Patrick