Overlay Help - Riding Motorbikes

I’m having my character ride a motorbike and then I want them to ride of screen, but I can’t seem to workout how to get them both to go at the same time. I’ve tried adding & in a few places, but nothing is working! Can anyone help?

Here is the coding:
@AMBER walks to spot 0.812 93 34 in zone 2 in 1 AND AMBER is ride_horse_walk_neutral_loop
@overlay 5216259858235392_BIKE_NOLOGO shifts to 7 -5 in zone 2 in 1 using easeout
@overlay 5216259858235392_BIKE_NOLOGO scales to 1.108 1.108 in 1 using easeout

You’d use & for first one. & and @ happen at same time where as @ and @ don’t (unless command is zero second lasting) the @ happens first and then @ happens AFTER it.

You also don’t need to use the scales to command on your overlay unless the bike is getting bigger or smaller from the original size.

So if you want three commands to happen at same time, & for first, & for second and @ for third.

Script symbols and what they mean:

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Amazing! Thank you so much😇