Overlay help someone!


Hey :wave:

I’m embarrassingly bad at overlays, I just started using them, and I need help with some code

I just needed police lights to pop up while the siren to goes in the middle of a scene. If anyone could help I’d greatly appreciate it as you can see I’m totally crap at this❤️




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I use this as an example what is fath coloured you need to change with your shifres under your direction helper,

@overlay OVERLAY create
@overlay OVERLAY shifts to 132 449 in zone 1,2 our3
@overlay OVERLAY scales to 0.621 0.621 in 1,2 our3
@overlay OVERLAY opacity 1 in 3
@pause for 2
If you want the overlay to disappear you put this too
@overlay OVERLAY opacity 0 in 3

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Thank you thats helped clear somethings up. Definitely came in useful

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