Overlay help - What's wrong with my script?

Hey everybody!

I’m trying to create my own hottub scene using overlays. I’ve managed to get the first three to work and where I want them and at the right layers but any more than these three don’t show up. (I have 6 in total in this scene) is there a limit or am I doing something wrong? I don’t understand why it suddenly won’t work when it’s the same as the first three?

Help :stuck_out_tongue:

Episode updated the way overlays work so now you can only have 5 overlays per scene.

Right okay that makes more sense! but why won’t the last overlay (bubbles3) appear? As I’ve only used 4 currently

wait what? that is horrible

The bubbles are in zone 1 and the camera is in zone 2

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I just looked at my own story it works fine for me. and I have like 16 in one scene

Did you open it in the web previewer?


maybe its because I did not put them after back ground but use the creat overlay command

you have a typo next to the backroud you have


while your ovelray name is

Also note-------

  1. if you write overlay next to background you do not need set opacity to 1 because the overlay is already visible

if you use @ like oyu have in app peple will see the overlay move ans shrink from the original random position to the one you moved it to (even you migh not see it in portal you will see it in app)

  1. When you want your overlays to apear directly from the start write it like this:

EXT. HONEYMOON HOTTUB - DAY with HOTTUB to 0.856 227 -119 in zone 1 at layer 6 with BACKWALL to 1 214 257 in zone 1 at layer 1 …and so on

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Yeah maybe.
I only know this because the Episode Team saying that you can now only have so and so amount of overlays so maybe the overlays weren’t that big in terms of file size.

Thanks I started a-fresh and combined three of overlays into one and the problem is now fixed!
Thanks so much guys.

This is some kind of nonsence…I have 37 overlays just in my intro and it still works fine…where have you heared that 5 is limit? :smiley:

When I put overlays I was only able to put five before getting an error, but maybe that’s just me.

Thanks that is new to me!

But thay didn’t say specific number as limit but talk in generall about overall memory limit which is something bit different.

As I say I just tested this intro to be sure it still works - so it is more about combination of No. of characters, No. of overlays and most likely the size of the overlays might play a role too…

Sorry how ever that you got limited already by 5 - that is really not enough in many scenes.

Stupid is that I now dont know if any f my published episodes have now problem with memory…

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@Melani3 can you clear this up and explain please.

Yeah, now I’m feeling it is more of a data limit rather than an explicit number if overlays. I think it’s part of their plan to reduce the amount of memory Episode uses. Like, limelight characters and clothes are really low quality now compared to before. I think is to reduce the amount of data/Wi-Fi and memory Episode uses.

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